Our flagship program is the Bar Process Management Program. Our Program is offered twice a year, January and May, in preparation for the Illinois Bar Exams conducted in February and July, respectively. Each Program session lasts approximately six weeks and consists of small group meetings and large group lectures. Every week students are given a practice exam which includes both essay and Multistate Bar Exam questions. Generally, three licensed attorneys tutor each small group and, on a weekly basis, the tutors grade and provide personalized feedback on each student’ s practice essay exams. Students who are repeat test-takers are given additional attention through weekly homework assignments which are also evaluated by our tutors. MLER also conducts a DIRAC (Decision, Issue, Rule, Application, Conclusion) clinic, a Multistate Performance Test clinic, and a full-day simulated Multistate Essay Examination. The Program is distinguished through the dedicated support of our tutors and the invaluable tips and tools we provide on how to balance the stresses during the bar exam preparation period.

Each Program term lasts approximately six or seven weeks and consists of the following:

  • Small group meetings and large group lectures.
  • Weekly practice exams with essay & Multistate Bar Exam questions.
  • Feedback on exams and the exam taking process.
  • Clinics on essay writing, the MPT and the MBE.
  • Specialized program for repeat test-taker, including additional attention through weekly homework assignments.

MLER’s Bar Process Management Program employs an holistic approach to taking the Bar exam by (i) focusing on the development of its students’ writing and analytical skills, and (ii) giving its students the necessary tools to help them effectively study, manage stress, and understand how to balance their other real world obligations while studying for the Bar exam.

MLER’s Bar Process Management Program is unlike any other. Our holistic approach provides dedicated support of our tutors and the invaluable tips and tools we provided on how to balance the stresses during the bar exam preparation period. If you are sitting for the bar, MLER’s program would be the perfect supplement to any bar preparation plan.

What We Expect

The students of our Bar Exam Preparation Program are provided with a wide range of services to increase their likelihood of success on the bar exam. Our dedicated tutors work with students throughout the preparation process to address academic and personal needs. However, students are taught early on that success will depend on their personal dedication and commitment to the Program. Thus, all students are asked to abide by the following guidelines:

  1. Enroll in a commercial bar review course
  2. Attend MLER every week and take all exams
  3. Create and follow a study schedule
  4. Repeater students are encouraged to complete all homework assignments
  5. Maintain a POSITIVE mental attitude, believing in your success, and making a
    commitment to become an MLER tutor once you have passed the bar.



March 1, 2017 thru April 14, 2017: $350.00


April 15, 2017 thru May 12, 2017: $375.00


May 25, 2017 starting at 5:30 p.m.: $425.00



If you would like to apply for the Summer 2017 Bar Exam Preparation Program, please complete the online application located here: Website Student Registration Form (Standard Fee).  To access the form, click on the link and submit online. If you have any issues whatsoever in registering, please email us at mlerprogram@gmail.com.


Participation in the Summer 2017 Bar Process Management Program is limited to students preparing for the July 2017 Illinois Bar Exam.  To enroll in the program, you must complete this application by clicking on the link above.  To pay the $350.00 Early Registration fee, the form must be completed by April 14, 2017.  To pay the $375.00 Standard Registration fee, students must complete the registration form by May 12, 2017. Any application submitted after May 12, 2017 are considered on-site registration. If students are interested in paying electronically, they must send a request to mlerprogram@gmail.com.


The MLER Board of Directors will grant a very limited amount of need-based hardship scholarships for each program. Email the following documents to mlerprogram@gmail.com by April 14, 2017 to be considered for a need-based scholarship: (1) 250-word personal statement expressing your need for the scholarship; (2) Any document which indicates you have a financial need (bank statements, lease agreements, bills, etc.). Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Program Dates, Times, and Location

Classes for the MLER Bar Exam Preparation Program cover a six-week period in January (February Bar) and a seven-week period in May (July Bar). Click here to view our Summer Summer 2017 Exam Schedule for a detail of the time commitment. All Program classes are held at the Depaul University College of Law, 25 E Jackson Blvd, Chicago, IL 60604. PLEASE NOTE THE LOCATION CHANGE.

Program Commitment

Please note that it is essential that each student registered with the MLER Program attend each session in its entirety. Tutors are asked to attend every Thursday from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m., and we expect students to respect their donated time and energy.

Program Coordinators

  • Jerome Taylor, Program Coordinator: jcoenic@gmail.com
  • Candice Smith, Tutor Coordinator: candice02@hotmail.com